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The Challenges of Practice

May 21, 2107 – Battersea Evolution, London, England
Today’s morning teachings began with the fourth verse from the Eight Verses for Training the Mind: 1. Whenever I see beings of ill character 2. Weighed down by harsh misdeeds and suffering, 3. As if I had discovered a treasury of precious jewels, 4. May I cherish them […]

The Karmapa Teaches the Practices of Humility, Mindfulness, and Compassion

May 20, 2107 – Battersea Park, London, England Reprising his teachings on the Eight Verses of Mind Training, the Karmapa turned to the second verse: 1. Wherever I am, whomever I’m with, 2. May I regard myself as lower than all others, 3. And from the depths of my heart, 4. May I hold them […]

Exploring the World of Precious Texts: The Karmapa Visits the British Library

May 19, 2107 – London, England 
Following the footsteps of his predecessor, the Sixteenth Karmapa who visited the Library fifty years ago, the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, traveled this morning to the British Library. As the national library of the United Kingdom, it is the second largest library in the world by number of […]