Monthly Archives: March 2015

Karmapa in San Francisco: Granting Refuge at Center

March 19, 2015 San Francisco, California After giving a two-hour Dharma teaching on transforming difficult emotions, His Holiness the Karmapa left to pay a private visit to the Kagyu Droden Kunchab center. As His Holiness the Karmapa had noted during the morning teaching hosted by KDK in a large auditorium, that public event had to be held offsite, since not even […]

Karmapa in San Francisco: Teaching on Emotions

March 19, 2015 –San Francisco, California In the early hours of this Thursday morning, as commuters sped past intent on reaching their workplace, the sidewalks of 19th Avenue in San Francisco outside the teaching site took on the atmosphere of a street festival. Long-lost Dharma friends embraced, joyful to share the anticipation of the morning […]

Visiting Facebook, Karmapa Urges a Kinder Internet Culture

March 18, 2015 – Menlo Park, California His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, paid a visit today to the global headquarters of Facebook. During this visit, the 29-year-old Buddhist leader was not merely exploring an important presence within today’s global society and popular culture. He was primarily connecting with leaders of a growing […]

Palpung Lungtok Choling Hosts His Holiness

March 18, 2015 – San Jose, California At the conclusion of the reception that marked the end of his visit to Stanford University, His Holiness the Karmapa shifted his attention to Buddhist communities. In his first visit to a Dharma center on this long trip, he traveled to San Jose where he was joyfully received by […]

Karmapa at Stanford: Touring Campus, Meeting with Students

March 17, 2015 – Palo Alto, California, USA His Holiness the 17th Karmapa set foot on an American university campus for the first time today. Setting a pattern for the many university visits planned for his two-month trip around the USA, His Holiness today visited key sites on the Stanford campus, met with students, interacted […]

Karmapa at Stanford: Interacting with Faculty

Right from the first day of his stay at Stanford University, His Holiness the Karmapa began working to fulfill two major aims of this tour and its focus on universities—connecting with young people and interacting with important thinkers on topics of mutual concern. His first major meeting took the form of an informal lunchtime exchange […]

Caring Connections: Compassion, Technology and the Environment

Stanford, California March 17, 2015 5:30 pm After spending the day at Stanford campus, meeting with both students and faculty, His Holiness the Karmapa delivered a lecture on the theme of Caring Connections: Compassion, Technology and the Environment. Hours before his arrival, devotees fortunate enough to have obtained one of the tickets set aside for […]

Karmapa Gives Talk to Google Employees

March 16, 2015 – Googleplex, California, USA After several hours touring the sprawling campus of Google in Mountain View, California, a state-of-the-art driverless car delivered His Holiness the Karmapa to a building where Google staff had assembled for a talk on “Inner Connection and Meditation: Changing the World from the Inside Out.” The talk was […]

Karmapa Tours Google and Takes a Ride in its Driverless Car

The first stage on his official tour of the United States brought His Holiness the Karmapa to Silicon Valley in California. Appropriately enough for a 29-year-old Buddhist leader who does not shy from making effective use of technology to spread the Dharma, the 17th Karmapa spent the day at Googleplex, touring its facilities, taking a […]